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Here’s How To Enjoy Your Office Christmas Party Without Regrets

After a long year, a pretty cool and safe office Christmas party where everyone is a great way for employers and employees to let their hair down, put away their airs of professionalism, create new memories, have some fun and maybe even pretend to like each other (depending on your workplace environment).

However, the fun, laid-back nature of office parties does not exempt it from having its dos and don’ts. Here’s how to enjoy your office party without regrets:

Follow The Safety Protocols

We’re still facing a pandemic, remember. Don’t get so carried away, that you forget the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Wear a mask, have a bottle of hand sanitizer (wash your hands with soap and water) and try to keep a safe distance from others, as much as you can.

Get Involved

You don’t have to go to the dance floor to bust some moves if you don’t want to, but you should endeavour to socialize and get involved. You should go around and speak to a few people or even participate in some fun games. Look at it as an opportunity to communicate with colleagues outside your department. Don’t spend the day tucked in a corner, typing away on your phone.

Dress Appropriately

If there’s a dress code for the office Christmas party, ensure you follow it, so you don’t look so out of place. If there isn’t a dress code, however, it’s important to ensure that you ask your colleagues for suggestions. Want some advice? Strike a balance. Don’t dress like you would on a Monday morning, don’t show so much skin and don’t be too casual. It’s important to ensure you look good. You don’t want to cringe when you look at group pictures after the party.

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Don’t Be Controversial

The office Christmas party is not an avenue to bring up topics or start arguments that could lead to fights or bad blood. Don’t embarrass your colleagues by bringing up a costly mistake he/she made during the year, don’t make fun of someone that didn’t get promoted, don’t talk down on anyone. Make sure any banter you engage in is fun. friendly and light-hearted. Don’t be the reason someone breaks a bottle on someone else’s head.

Drink Responsibly

Unless you want to get so inebriated and wasted that you spill a secret or get too touchy with a colleague, it’s advisable to avoid drinking carelessly. Remember that technically, you’re still in a work environment. Getting wasted could cost you your reputation and even a job.

Don’t Do Anything Risky

Trust me, the office Christmas party is not the place to flirt and hit on that colleague you’ve had your eyes on for a while. It’s also not the place to get unnecessarily intimate by doing things that could put you at the centre of an office scandal. Odikwa risky something, dear. No matter how excited you get, it’s important to keep yourself in check and exercise self-control.

Put Your Phone Aside

Unless you’re the office’s social media manager, you shouldn’t be on your phone throughout the party. You can take a few photos and videos for memories’ sake but you should spend more time enjoying the moment and having fun.

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Be A Good Sport

Most workplaces give accolades to the best performing employees of the year at the office Christmas party. If you get left out or you aren’t announced, you’re allowed to feel bad about it. However, you should try to congratulate your fellow employees and be a good sport. Your time will come, as long as you keep putting in work.

Don’t Bring Up Work

Seriously, don’t. You’re there to enjoy some good vibes and have a fun time, not bring up work, deadlines or salaries. Let your hair down and loosen up.

What do you like/ dislike about office Christmas parties?

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