Makeup: Knowing the right shade of foundation to use

Foundation is a cosmetic base applied on the face to cover blemishes. It is a shade of powder used to beautify, enhance and blend the rest of your makeup together. This is obviously for the female folks and a few guys who are delving into the world of makeup.

Finding the right shade of foundation has been a major problem for a lot of makeup users. Usually, a lot of people get off track because “everyone at the market told me it’s my colour…until I got home.” If you’re faced with this challenge, read on…

1. Know your undertone

While the surface of your skin can change colour due to the many elements your skin is exposed to, your undertone does not change. So, focus on getting a shade that fits your undertone.

2. Identify your skin type

Is your skin oily, dry or wrinkled? A knowledge of your skin type is critical to helping you choose the right type of foundation.

3. Narrow down your choices

You already know what to look for in a foundation based on your skin type, and now it’s time to use the knowledge you’ve gained about your undertone to select some possible shade choices.

4. Choose a good make-up store

If you want cheap, feel free to buy makeup from any roadside seller. The implication, however, is that you might be coerced into buying a colour that might not suit your skin. The best approach is to get a professional makeup artist to help you determine the right colour for your skin, which means you have to visit a legit makeup store. After all, once you know, there’s no changing.

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5. Test a few shades

Go back to steps 1 and 2 and use the information to determine your undertone. Then test the shades by dabbing some swatches of foundation on your jawline. Your skin around this area is truer to your natural undertone and more likely to give you an idea of how that shade would look around your neck. Even if the store does not have a tester, you can still hold the bottle against your neck.

6. Choose your foundation

Foundation should not be seen. Thus, the best kind of foundation is the one that disappears into your skin. These are the types that will cover your blemishes and still look great on you.

Now, you are as good as a makeup artist.

What are you waiting for? Go shopping and pick the best foundation for your skin.

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