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How To Sell Anything In A Typical Lagos Market

How To Sell Anything In A Typical Lagos Market (AIRTEL 0039 6848 9404 5645)

Have you ever been to a Lagos market? This is not a mall on the Island or some cool part of town. Even some states in Nigeria portray serenity in their environment and their customers come and go.

But, if you are looking to gain customers in a busy rowdy marketplace like Yaba, Oshodi, Eko, Katangua markets, you cannot afford to be an ‘Ajebutter’, unless you are an online trader.

With a little help from social media Prank Master, Edgar Eriaka, here is how to sell anything in a Lagos market. Brace yourself, Naija marketers are not playing.

1. Everybody is your customer

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To thrive in a Lagos market you can’t be looking at people’s faces before advertising your goods. Anyone you see is either a sister, brother, uncle, aunty, mummy or daddy. Always address them with respect and whether he/she is pretty, address them with ‘fine boy’ or ‘fine girl’ and you will have gained a customer.

2. Always have it in your second shop

Let’s say you sell lace materials, but you do not have the particular colour the customer is asking for, don’t say ‘I don’t have it.’ That is the wrong answer if you want to survive a Lagos market. Instead, say… ‘I have it in my second shop’. That is obviously the shop of your neighbour, but the customer doesn’t have to know that, LOL.

3. By their looks, you shall no the price

Lagos market

Once you’ve led a customer from your shop to a neighbour’s shop, whisper to your neighbour about the increment in price, this is so that you can get your cut and not have wasted your time. LOL. Nawa for hustle. Another price technique is to start the price at a ridiculous amount so that they can start pricing their way down until they reach the original amount. Some customers just won’t buy until they’ve been able to slash off 50% of the asking price.

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4. No such thing as fake

Adidas or Abiodun? Somebody made it, so they are all original. If a customer asks if it’s fake, deny it, because if they notice your hesitation, you can forget about it. If you can dream it, you can sell it.

5. It is international

There is this sense of pride and belonging that some customers get from buying goods that are international. Since they are not interested in Nigeria-made, tell them it is from the UK or US, etc. Don’t just say China, at least, until further notice.

6. Na because say na you

By the time you and the customer are haggling the price back and forth, mention the actual price and tell them you are giving it to them because they are special. ‘Na because say na you o’. If you haven’t heard that in a market in Lagos, then you are not an original Lagosian.

Can you remember any other traits typical traders display in a Lagos market? Share with us and let’s have a good laugh.

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