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10 Little Habits That Can Help Turn Your Life Around

The quality of your life is mostly dependent on the little lifestyle habits you practice every day. From your health to your career, relationships and overall well-being, you can turn your life around with small but significant everyday habits.

So, if you’re looking to make a change, you can get started with these lifestyle habits by:

Reading More

Young Woman Reading A Book

There’s so much to gain from reading: you can learn new things, unwind, escape from reality and become more inquisitive. Luckily, books have become more accessible to everyone, and they come in different formats, depending on your preferences. You’d be surprised at how much growth you can accomplish by merely reading.

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Working on Your Posture


Fun fact: you’re probably slouching or bent over while reading this. According to The EveryGirl, bad posture could affect your energy levels, lead to stress and put you at risk of muscle pain. To avoid these, you have to be intentional about your posture. Sit up straight, balance a book on your head or use a supportive pillow.



Journaling is a beautiful way to put your thoughts together, declutter your mind, set priorities and reduce stress. You can write out your thoughts and feelings, update your goals and put down one thing you’re grateful for, every day. This micro habit could have tremendous effects on your overall well-being.

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Drinking A Glass of Water Every Morning


Considering that the recommended hours of sleep is six to eight hours, it’s only right that you give your body the hydration it requires by drinking a glass of water when you wake up. According to Rania Batayneh, in an article by Business Insider, drinking water first thing in the money fuels your brain, boosts your alertness, and kindles your metabolism.

Getting Up to Stretch


It’s important to avoid sitting in one spot for too long, as it could lead to weight gain, varicose veins, and increased blood pressure, amongst others, according to Web MD and Mayo Clinic. Remind yourself to take walks and stretches at intervals by timing yourself with your smartphone or watch.

Rewarding Yourself


Learn to celebrate your wins, no matter how little. It’s so easy to beat yourself up and point out all the wrong things you’ve done, but that only puts you in a cycle of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Learn to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat, no matter how little.

Decluttering Your Space Regularly


You’d be surprised at the effect that a clean space can have on your mind and total well-being. Make your bed every morning, throw junk away and clean your room as much as possible. You’ll feel better and more at peace.

Staying Committed to Learn Something New


‘Learning is a continuous process’ might sound cliche´, but it’s a statement that rings true. Exercise your brain and open up your mind by committing to learning something new periodically. It could be a technical skill or merely an everyday skill you aren’t good at yet. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from continuous learning is one that you deserve to enjoy.

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