Types of students you will meet in a lecture room

When you are a student, one of the major requirements is that you must attend lectures and in every lecture room, you’ll come across different students from different backgrounds. Here are the different types of students you have probably had classes with:

  • The Efikos: Listens attentively to the lecturer.
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  • The Social junkies: Always busy on their phones.
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  • The Sleepers: Sleep from the start to end of class.
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  • The ‘Alariwos’: Gist throughout the class
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  • The Questionnaire: Always ask JAMB questions.
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  • The Olodos: Will never answer questions right.
  • The Foodies: Always having something in their mouth
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  • The Latecomers: Never come to class early.
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Which one are/were you on the list Flexxer? 

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