The Act Of Curbing The Disease Called Procrastination

Procrastination GLO: 923089164067087 won’t tell you you are procrastinating until it is done. Adaeze was soon going to realise this. As an upcoming graphic designer, she had been excited to receive the news that a tech company was hiring her freelance services to make creatives for their social media pages.

The fee was also tempting and being her first paying job, Adaeze was determined to not mess it up. So, the first week came and she did really well. She had gotten a lot of praises from the company’s account manager. When the second week came, the workload had increased. She was to design 6 creatives instead of 3.

Of course, her pay would increase too. They gave her the deadline and told her to have it ready for their campaign on Friday. Adaeze decided she’d dedicate her time to it on Monday, but she couldn’t stop watching the Korean series so she moved it to Tuesday. Then Wednesday, because her eyes and head hurt from watching too many episodes.

She went on like this until it was Thursday evening where she did 3 and sent. By Friday morning she was rushing to finish up. Her clients were calling and angry that she was delaying the campaign, she managed to send it by noon but it was a botched job due to its hasty nature. Adaeze wasn’t surprised to get a letter terminating their contract for the following weeks.

Procrastination is what will make you have an exam next week and still haven’t read a page of the course. There are many Adaezes out there and we all want to know how to curb it.

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1. Set a daily ‘To do List’

Do not set unrealistic goals. Leave out short and long term goals too (you can do that as you make progress). Your list should contain everything you’ve set out to achieve for that day.

2. Be time conscious

It should have a time frame. How many hours will you spend on a project? Allocate time for each assignment, to enable you to meet up to target.

3. Evaluate your ‘To do List’

Did you finish your task for the day? If you didn’t, don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is another day to finish up.

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4. Add incentives

Reward yourself with some goodies or good times. It is equivalent to patting yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.

5. Have a personal police

You need someone to monitor your progress. Someone who isn’t intimated by you and will give you the right feedback. Having someone you look up to police over your work will make you want to do better.

6. Motivate yourself

Be happy. Do the fun things you like. Eat and sleep well. Listen to music and tell yourself how capable you are.

7. Share your accomplishments

Be proud of yourself when you finish up with your list. Tell people how you started the journey and how they can learn from it. Share your testimonies, so that while the story is out there, you will be motivated to do better.


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