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How To Know If You Are Becoming Addicted To Your Phone

Phone addiction is a thing and Victory didn’t know that until it literally hit her in the face.
Victory was walking the streets of Abraka in Delta State with Peekay one evening. While she walked, she kept her eyes glued to her phone, smiling and replying to chats. Peekay scowled at her and felt ignored because she wasn’t conversing with him.

He saw the branch first and ducked as he passed the tree. He was expecting her to do the same but realised too late that she was walking right into the branch. Plop! The branch smacked her in the face. Victory yelped and finally raised her head, dazed at what had just happened.

The mobile phone is undoubtedly a very resourceful device. But, are you just following the tech-savvy trends or are you genuinely obsessed and addicted to your devices? Here’s how you know you’re becoming a phone addict;

1. People complain about you always distracted

If you are often asked ‘Did you hear me?’, ‘Can you drop the phone?’ and the likes of it, you are probably addicted. People addicted often detach themselves from the present conversations going on about them.

2. Obsessed with the number of likes you get

They are agitated about the posts on their social media platform. ‘Do they find it funny?’, ‘Was it hot?’, ‘Did I make sense?’. Sometimes, they delete it or edit it over and over again. They keep checking to see who has viewed, who liked or commented or those passing by without saying anything (they must be jealous)…if you do these things, then you are a potential phone addict.

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3. Sleep difficulty

According to studies, the blue light emitted by your phone might disturb your sleep cycle, making it more difficult to fall asleep. So, if you are staring at your phone until the very last moment when you doze off, you are probably addicted.

4. You can’t go an hour without your phone

Some can’t even last 10 minutes, 1 hour is dragging it too far. But whether it is 10 minutes or 1 hour, if you panic or get anxious for not being able to press your device within that period of time, then you might be addicted to it.

5. Your projects suffer

Have you found yourself preparing a document and while you picked up your phone for research, an Instagram post catches your eye and you spend one hour surfing through the internet? Later, you sigh and postpone the project to the next day. Mmmhmm…definitely phone addict alert.


You might be able to laugh at the thought of being addicted to your phone, but they come with consequences such as;

  • Anxiety
  • Nomophobia; fear of being without your phone
  • Textaphrenia; not being able to send or receive messages
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Extreme extrovert

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Breaking The Addiction

1. Develop new habits

The time you spend playing a game on the phone can be spent reading a hard copy. Visit friends, talk more, get involved with life.

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2. Practice being away from your phone

During work hours, you probably need it. But once done and you have your personal time, stay away for a couple of hours. Charge your phone in the bedroom and sit in the living room.

3. Uninstall the problematic app

If you have no control, then uninstall it. Let’s see how it would distract you after that.

4. Find out if there’s something else bothering you

Healthline, stated based on research, that the reason some get addicted is that they are running from other issues. Find out whether you are trying to avoid dealing with that problem by consuming yourself on your phone.

Do you think you are addicted to your phone now? Then follow these processes and break them, so that you can live your best life.

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