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Everyone Has At Least One of These Coursemates

We might not have the stats to back it up, but we’re pretty sure everyone has at least one of the following types of coursemates in the University. Don’t ask us how, just take a look and tell us if we’re correct or not 😂

The Latecomer


They hardly get to the lecture hall early. They always rush in or stroll in and sometimes, they get sent back by the lecturers.

The Class Clown


They have all the best jokes and they mostly sit at the back of the class or the middle. They make the most unbelievably hilarious comments that make you wonder what exactly goes on in their brains. Lectures are usually boring without them.

The Teacher’s Pet

They do everything right- get to class early, write complete notes, answer questions and get high scores, so they’ve earned the love and admiration of your lecturers who often use them as a point of reference when reprimanding other students. Some teacher’s pets hate the attention while others love it.

The Runway Model

They come to class wearing the best outfits always. They know how to mix and match colours and patterns, they’ve got the best shoes, rock the best hairstyles and accessories. Sometimes, you wonder how they even find the time to put together their best outfits when the stress of school is literally kicking you in the butt.

The Wikipedia

People like this know everything. Everyone automatically looks in their direction when the lecturer asks a question because they know they have the correct answers.

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The Sneaky Eaters

These ones can eat almost anything— from toast bread to jollof rice and porridge—in class without the lecturer ever finding out. That’s their special skill.

The Celebrity

Maybe they’re extremely good looking. Maybe they have the best outfits. Maybe they’re a part of the hottest couple. Whatever it is, these people are pretty popular and everyone wants to be associated with them in one way or the other. Even walking with them seems like a huge accomplishment.

The Absentee

They’re only around and you only see them during tests and assignments. Sometimes, you see them in class and you’re like: ‘Is this person in our class?’

The Silent ‘Killer’

People like this don’t talk much; they let their grades do the talking. They don’t answer questions in class, they keep to themselves during lectures and they don’t have any friends. However, they have the highest grades. These types of people never panic when the teacher announces an impromptu test- they calmly tear out their sheet of paper.

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