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7 Emotional Stages You Might Undergo While Dealing With Your Boss

Bosco yelped and nearly fell off his chair when the door slammed open. A fuming Kingsley was standing by it.

“Guy, why this house dey smell like the place where fish vomit put? You no dey do anything pass play game, no go find job.”

Bosco hissed and continued playing soccer on Kingsley’s PS5. “Wetin dey bring all this insult na?”

“It’s simple. I can’t work all day and come back to a messy home and a fat lump of a roommate wasting my food and resources!”

Kingsley didn’t flinch as he watched Bosco fling the gamepad on the sofa. “E don do you! No dey insult me because of job. I thought we were friends, how can you say that to me?”

He stormed into the room leaving Kingsley to just stand there. He felt hurt and belittled. He thought Kingsley had taken his success into his head and now looked down on him. What he didn’t know was that Kingsley had had a bad day at work, where his Boss had berated him. Kingsley had only been transferring aggression.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work for anyone, wait, your time will come -or not. But for those who have had to be employees to someone at some point in their lives can attest to the different emotional stages they undergo while relating with their employer.

Your Boss can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. He/she can be your mentor, friend, helper and a whole lot of good stuff or a thorn in your flesh, but in the course of that relationship, there are certain emotions you might experience.

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It is important to know what to do with them as these emotions can either make or break your career.

1. Reverence

Some bosses have been held in high esteem by their employees to the point of idolising them. There have also been lots of cases with employees having a crush on their employer. Typical office drama. Those emotions might be there as you see your boss as a very important personality, but always remember that he/she is human like you and prone to mistakes. Knowing this will help you not be too surprised when they don’t reciprocate your affections or when they don’t act so perfect.

2. Pride

Ethel got a job as a regional manager for a bottling company in Lagos State. Before that, she had never worked, except for when she visited her parent’s chin-chin factory. While her boss scolded her on a mistake she had made, she began tapping repeatedly on the table and looking everywhere else but her boss. The next day, her employment was terminated. Ethel did not like being scolded and she showed it in her attitude. Her boss believed that was insubordination and pride speaking. You might not like a certain treatment, but do not let the fact that you think you know better than your boss affect your attitude towards him/her.

3. Contentment

This is a good kind of emotion. You are happy with your boss and the company is happy with your work. At some points in our career, we should all feel this. That doesn’t mean you will stop trying to attain greater levels.

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4. Fake

When employed, not everyone is super confident about the role they have been given to handle. The imposter syndrome, the feeling of being fake might creep in when dealing with a boss who is demanding substantial results and waiting for you with a scowling look to deliver them. What you need to do is stop thinking of yourself as an impostor and believe you can do the job. See 10 ways to overcome imposter syndrome.

5. Overfamiliarity

Have you had a boss you were so familiar with you could playfully tap her shoulder and she wouldn’t mind? It’s nice to feel you can talk to your boss about anything and even call each other names. But a line has to be drawn when it comes to your official duties. Overfamiliarity causes one to lose the line and possibly lose the job. So, while you are all friendly, always remember who the boss is.

6. Inferiority Complex

If you have an employer that puts you down constantly, calls you names and doesn’t believe you can amount to anything, you either get revenge by being the best you can in that company or you leave before you fall into depression.

7. Determination

This is one of the best emotions. Everyone wants a boss that pushes them to want to become a better version of themselves. If your boss makes you have the determination to want to do better, you are doing well.

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As for Kingsley and Bosco, they are fine. Especially after Kingsley apologised and explained the real reason for his outburst. That didn’t stop Bosco from continuing his job search though. Once bitten twice shy. He was going to prove to Kingsley he was not just a fat lump.

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