ruin your life

7 Ways To Not Ruin Your Life In Your Twenties

We learn from our mistakes, don’t we? Does this mean you should deliberately walk into them even when you know they will likely ruin your life? The decisions we make early on helps shape the outcome of our lives.

So, instead of living as though the world ends tomorrow, live intentionally and if you make mistake along the way, you will find a different path that works better.

The twenties seem to be the age of freedom. You are finally free from the clutches of your parents and ready to sow your seeds in the world. It is also the age of irrational attitudes, quick decisions and youthful exuberance.

While regret can set in at any time, it is wise that you avoid all the drama now, while you are still in your twenties. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your life, it only makes certain that you do not ruin it.

1. Stop buying on impulse

ruin your life

Do you have an account with FCMB? You need to practice the act of saving your money. If you blow up your money on everything you find interesting, because ‘you only live once’, you will have nothing left to live on. Saving and investing is a good way to keep and grow your money. Try this method whenever you want to buy something, if that shoe is so enticing you believe you actually need it, wait for 30 days before purchasing it. When the days elapse and you still think you need it, then buy it.

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2. Do not live beyond your means

ruin your life

Social pressure, the glamour and the allure of social media posts, makes this quite easy. You see a young lady or guy in his/her twenties earning five figures but using an iPhone worth 300k. And no, it wasn’t a gift from a dear uncle. Other common frivolities are renting houses beyond one’s means or buying a car that cannot be maintained. Holding on to habits such as these results in debts, a pressure to ‘belong’, pretence and the likes.

3. Don’t be a people pleaser


If you try to please everyone, you will end up with nothing. There will always be different opinions about what people think about a situation, you need to stand by your decision when it is correct.

4. It’s not all about you


While you are saying ‘It’s Me time’, consider others around you and do not let the actions you take affect or ruin them. You need long-lasting relationships, but if you steal your friend’s project, deal unfairly in the name of ambition, you lose trust and help from others.

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5. Don’t say or do it because it’s a free world


Be sensitive and empathetic. Saying things without thinking can affect how you are perceived. What you call ‘blunt’ may be perceived as rude or arrogant.

6. Get rid of addiction


This doesn’t involve taking hard drugs and drinking only. An addiction could be the inability to pull away from your smartphone or watching binge TV shows that leave room for nothing else. Addictions are destructive agents that will cause one to procrastinate and lose interest in everything else. Break the addiction.

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7. Stop living for immediate gratification


Have you ever heard this quote ‘Do not burn your opportunities for temporary comfort’? You need to consider the future and not what you can get instantly.

8. Be accountable


Your ‘yes’ should be ‘yes’. Do not be flaky, always changing your mind. Let people know they can rely and count on you.

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