“Nobody understands me” 4 steps to overcome this feeling

It’s normal for a lot of people to feel misunderstood occasionally. But when it starts to take over your mental well being, it becomes an issue. If you often find yourself feeling like no one understands you, the guide below might help you overcome it.


  1. It’s their opinion, not yours

You need to understand that people will choose to feel however they want about you and that’s okay. A person’s view about you should not determine how you view yourself. It’s just their opinion, and it’s your choice to determine how much you let it matter to you.



  1. Don’t seek validation

The more you seek validation from people around you, the more damage you cause yourself. Opening yourself to this could negatively affect your emotions and ultimately, your mental health. The moment you begin to love and accept yourself, the less you need to seek validation.



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  1. It’s okay to be misunderstood

It would be very fishy if everyone you meet understands you completely and never has an altercation with you. Even when you have a great personality and are loved by many, there will still be a few folks who just don’t get you or, worse, have a negative opinion about you. You need to understand that this is perfectly normal – not everyone can be loved by everyone.

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  1. Let it go

No matter how hurtful or untrue some opinions of you might sound, let it go. You don’t always have to respond to them. Groom your emotions to know the right time, the right persons and the right opinions to respond to. This saves you a few sleepless nights and over-thinking issues that may come up in interacting with others.



Have you ever felt misunderstood? How did you deal with it? Share with us in the comment section.

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