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8 Things To Say When You Want To Confuse Or Avoid Sending Someone Money

The last quarter of the year is a few days away and we’ll be back to Detty December. If you are thinking of how to avoid sending money especially in periods like this, you have come to the right article.

Some folks have mastered the art of holding on to their savings by sweet-talking their way or just generally confusing the one asking for money. You can pick up a few tips if you are desperate enough.

Are you ready for 8 hilarious but working things to say when avoiding sending money? Here we go!

1. I will see what I can do


This has to be the most common one. It is very vague. No promises, yet no commitment either. ‘Oh, you know how the economy is presently, but I will see what I can do’. Hahaha…you are so bad.

2. If only you told me last week


You are giving the impression that you are willing to help, only if they had asked when you actually had. Chai! And you spent so much money o.

3. Let me call you back


Say the truth…how many times have you fallen victim for this one? This will help you escape anything for the moment. ‘Let me call you back, I’m busy right now’.

4. Send me a proposal


LOL. This one sha. By the time they have to draft a document stating why they need your money and the exact amount, they might have lost interest in the whole process.

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5. I’ve sent the money, they’ve debited me…


This is best followed up with ‘…I just spoke with my bank and they said they will reverse it when they do, I’ll send it back’. Hehehe, some folks are gurus in this game.

6. Let’s see what will happen next week


You buy yourself another week with this. And when the week comes, we can see what will happen in the upper week.

7. The bank is working to rectify my app problem


‘I can’t do transfers. My app is not functioning, let’s hope the bank can solve this problem on time. Just be patient’. Some totally heartless folks will add ‘…Don’t worry, I have huge plans for you’.

8. I still have you in mind


Who says you can’t have them in mind without sending money over? Let them believe you are talking about money, even though you are speaking of how much you care.

Na joke o. Only try this if you get liver. What other savage replies do you think should be added to this list?

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