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Unplanned Events That Can Make A Naija Wedding Memorable

Unplanned Events That Can Make A Naija Wedding Memorable (MTN 3859 7348 8911 12453)

While the pandemic is keeping the owambes and wedding ceremonies in Naija, especially Lagos, hush-hush, we can still recount all the fun, including the unplanned events that made a Naija wedding truly memorable.

Running a true Naija-style wedding involves a lot of fun activities, from choosing the right MC, who usually decides the tone of the wedding to the kinds of dishes the couple will be serving. When you work with a planner, everything is supposed to be on point.

But few events cannot be controlled and usually give the party something to be remembered for. These stories stem from true Naija marriages. Are you ready to go down that lane?

Let’s do it!

1. The Makeup artist who showed up without makeup


A makeup artist arrived at her client’s hotel room early Saturday morning but told the bride-to-be that her apprentice was coming soon with the makeup kit from a different location. That was how the bride and makeup artist sat for 3 hours waiting with boiling temper for the apprentice to show. When she finally did, and the makeup began, they found out that the pack containing all the brushes wasn’t there. There wasn’t a single brush for the bride’s face. Wendy must have been the coolest bride ever just watching the drama unfold before her until the makeup artist borrowed the brush-pack from the sister of the bride. Whew, she saved the day. Apprentice was ordered by her madam to kneel and thank the bride’s sister.

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2. The wig accident


It’s no news that most Nigerian ladies like their wigs; in fact, there’s an influx of wig sales even presently. So that most ladies in the business have turned their WhatsApp status into a marketing site displaying lovely wigs with closure and frontals. Sometimes, our brides portray the wig market as opposed to packing your hair in a ponytail. The bride always looks her best in whichever hairdo she chooses. But, when a bride gets excited and engrossed in her dance, some wigs have been known to fall off their heads while in the heat of the dance or attention of everyone being on them. Most times, the guests laugh at it, and the partying continues while madam bride picks her wig and fixes it back on. The show must go on!

3. M.O.B (Mother of the Bride) dance


Who said the wedding was for the couple? Abeg, pack well o. Some weddings are for the benefits of the couples’ family members, and some parents don’t take chances in trying to show it. Forget about the welcoming in of parents by the MC, while the guest watches them dance in. Some mothers choose to do theirs specially. ‘Just me and my friends…they will know that I have arrived.’
There is a need for some mothers to express their joy and how proud they are of their kid by their way of doing a special dance-in with their friends.

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4. Item 7


Let every other thing be short of expectations, but food must hit its mark. Once your food can talk, your wedding will be spoken about for a long time. A talking dish is not a single plate of a good meal; it is different delicacies coming from both the groom and bride’s family. Have you never experienced where they can’t seem to agree or whether to serve continental or local dishes at the wedding? This is where the guest thrive because they get to eat it all!

5. The Best Aso Ebi


Once you get the dress code or Aso Ebi for the occasion, you are free to walk confidently among other party attendees. But if you want to make a statement and leave an impression at a wedding, then you can join the competitive style of the different clothes made the same Aso Ebi material. Fashionable ladies and gents can turn a wedding to runway or fashion parade with all their unique clothing styles.

6. Tripping on the dance floor


When the dance floor gets hot, the couples cannot help but give it their best, and it can be so much fun watching them trying to best one another. The ones that, however, gets stuck in memory land and gets to be spoken about is when the bride or groom tripped and fell while dancing. Most times, it is more fun than embarrassing, especially when the other couple helps the fallen up. What a romantic turn of event.

7. The M.C


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This guy is quite significant in a Naija wedding. We have some that are comedians in the making, cracking everyone up with their jokes, organizing activities to keep the couples and guest entertained and making it a day never to forget.

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