God When? Here Are Some Secrets To Developing A Healthy Relationship

God When? Here Are Some Secrets To Developing A Healthy Relationship

God When? Here Are Some Secrets To Developing A Healthy Relationship (AIRTEL 0778 7034 9399 0109)

Starting a relationship is very common. However, not all relationships are sunshine and roses. Breakups and divorces are pretty common nowadays, ever wondered why?

You see some couples on social media and think they’re perfect but deep down you don’t know about their fights and disagreements.

Looking to find yourself happy in the relationship you’ve always fantasized about? Instead of always screaming “God when” on social media, apply these steps below and thank us later:

  1. Know your partner and love them for who they are: growing up we already have these initial expectations of what a romantic relationship should be all about. So, take time, study them and accept them for who they’re
  2. Be exactly what you expect him/her to be: treat your partner the same way you expect to be treated and one of the best gifts is to cultivate tolerance
  3. Show kindness: being kind is one of the easiest gifts you can offer in a relationship because it starts with very minor things
  4. Don’t hold grudges: Definitely, there would be a time when things won’t be all smooth with your partner. Talk things out instead of beefing about it
  5. Stay connected and communicate often: whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, you will need to stay connected. The best way to ensure this is through regular communication
  6. Recognize each other’s wants and needs: never try too hard to change a situation in your relationship. The best advice is; to stop forcing it!
  7. Find activities you both like and do them together: this is another lovely way to create a bond that is required in a healthy relationship
  8. Don’t go to sleep when you’re still mad: ensure you sort out things with your partner before going to bed. You might be wondering if this works; it does
  9. Don’t forget to set your boundaries: for a relationship to be considered healthy, there must be a healthy attachment
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Lastly, the best experience is to build love in a healthy relationship. We hope this helps to do that.

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