The Flexxer’s guide to Christmas Shopping

Shopping is an essential part of the festive season, be it groceries, food items, clothing, shoes, party stuff, we always have one or 200 things to buy during the Christmas season.

Whatever you plan to buy, the tips below will definitely come in handy.

  1. Shop on time: The best time to get anything during the festive season is early in the month because once the day approaches, prices get spiked. So, plan your shopping for a few weeks or at least a week before Christmas day.
  2. Always have a list and budget:
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    Christmas season comes with bright lights, shiny and extremely beautiful things and only the smart/prepared can overcome the temptation of buying things you don’t need or overspending. A list and budget are your go to weapons to help fight overspending and purchasing of things you don’t need.

  3. Take advantage of Christmas deals, giveaways and promos: The festive season offers some of the biggest deals, giveaways and promos you can ever see, so research online or ask every seller at the market/store if there are any giveaways, deals/promos ongoing. Watch out for signboards and banner ads displaying sales and promos.
  4. Buy in bulk:
    via GIPHY Yes! Make plans with your friends/siblings to go shopping together, buy items in bulk and share resources like cabs and parking fees. These will definitely save you some extra bucks.
  5. Get an account that helps you spend smartly while saving wisely: Is your Christmas shopping complete with your Flexx account? We think not. With Flexx, you get tips on how to be a financially smart and independent young person and also get first class access to promos, giveaways and flexclusive deals like our just concluded Jumia Black Friday deal. Get your Flexx account here in 4 minutes and start enjoying!

Now go forth and shop till you drop Flexxer!



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