The Best Parts About Being You

The Best Parts About Being You

The Best Parts About Being You
By Olabimpe Akinbinu

Have you ever had someone ask you to tell them about yourself? I guess we’ve all had to answer that question at some point in our lives – I know I have! I had a routine for answering this particular question, I start by examining the person who asked and answering by giving them a version of myself that would be most appealing, I had described myself in so many different ways that I had started to lose track of who I am or maybe I didn’t know who I am and I wasn’t trying to find out.

I didn’t use to think about it much but this ‘new normal’ period has given me time to think, look within and discover who I am, no made-up parts, no extras and I have come to realize that I didn’t need to add anything to make myself seem ‘cooler’ or relatable because there are so many amazing parts about being my true self. Our true feelings and desires represent our true self; however, there is a false side of us that has changed our behaviour, suppressed our feelings, and ignored our true needs to survive and fit into societal norms.

Our true feelings and desires are important because they are what they are and are a part of who we are. Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself, and no one is better than you. Most of us worry about what people would think if they knew the real us, we say to ourselves – ‘Would they accept me? Would I have as many friends and followers on social media if I was truly myself? Would I fit in or be judged?’ and then we just make up all these personalities without even giving our true selves a chance.

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We haven’t stopped to define ourselves, sometimes we don’t even get to know ourselves, we lock every other part in and expose what we think would be most acceptable by society. The truth is that we are not perfect but we are great in our way, we are unique and special and we are responsible for our happiness that we don’t even need to rely on anyone’s acceptance to be happy. When we discover who we are and embrace it, we take charge of our lives and become responsible for every part of it.

So what are the best parts about being you?

  • You are at peace with yourself – Pretending and being insincere can be very exhausting and hard to keep up with.
  • You permit people to like the real you and you know your true friends and those who can’t accept you can move on and you can start to attract the right kind of people for you.
  • You discover who you are and you start to see things differently, know areas of your life that need improvement and then you can learn to become the best version of yourself. To truly know oneself is the most important skill one could have, it gives you clarity.
  • You get to write your own story with confidence and without filters.
  • You can start to truly love yourself – You accept your imperfections and differences and you don’t have to depend on others for validation. Being genuine to yourself is the first step to loving who you are.
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Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t forget to celebrate your small victories and appreciate what you’re doing now because it will keep you motivated to keep working towards your ultimate goal of being your true self.


You are special!

You are the designer’s original!

It will end in praise


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