By Attah Ezinne Divine-Favour

Have you seen Adaora?
Yes, the beauty that came from Mazi Uchendu’s loins
Watching her dance on moonlit nights is the reason the square is graced with such a multitude
The turning of her waist like properly oiled engine rings, or the silent rhythm of her waist beads
Makes a plethora of young lads wish they had access to her honey pot

Have you heard Adaora sing?
Her voice soft and calm like cascading waterfalls
She is rumoured to be gifted with Omamiri’s power to raise the dead with her sonorous voice

Have you seen Adaora’s skin?
A newborn babe has nothing in comparison with the softness of her velvet skin
Mushy and fluffy you would think a touch would break it

Have you seen Adaora smile?
The sun hides away in shame at her shine


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