By Ojegele Boluwaji

As times are changing so also is the eruption of new ways of doing things. When we look back– as close as just three months ago and as far back as the 18th century– we see that the norm has become extinct or is gradually being replaced by new developments. In different areas and endeavours of humanity, we can attribute these advancements and changes to innovations. But without the concept of technology, I doubt innovations can be birthed.

Technology-based on regular knowledge is simply the application of methods and ideas gotten from scientific researches. No doubt, this definition to some extent describes what technology is yet, it is lacking because the use of the word “technology” is contextual. It can be said to be a process, an object, knowledge and so on, as the case may be. In real sense, technology is truly the application of discovered knowledge to produce results that have not been recorded before. It goes ahead to include building on previous processes or completely eliminating them to replace with new ones.

Not limited to materialisation like using a wristwatch to check the time (rather than an hourglass) to the use of elevators, gas-powered vehicles, technology covers a lot including the whole concept of the Internet of Things and the ICT (Information and Communication Technology). However, most of the immaterial technologies are used to bring forth material technologies.

In different fields and disciplines, the use of technology can be observed. Mechanization in agriculture and the discovery of more ways to increase production in both crop and animal production is geared continuously by technology. The fashion industry, the entertainment industry are equally advancing and experiencing innovations as a result of new technologies. This does not exclude the education sector where most institutions and schools have gone past the era of using boards and chalks to carry out the usual learning process.

Years ago, the bank needed to confirm your presence physically before transactions could be made. Now? Mobile banking through various apps and software have annihilated these unnecessary processes and procedures coupled with the fact that speed is enjoyed at little or no cost; all thanks to technology. What about marketing? More contacts are being made with the target market and prospects with just your device and connection to the internet. The job of an actual salesman is being done better and accurately as a result of digital marketing and other forms of online marketing.

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A large percentage of the world’s population is constantly connected to the internet. Communication has been made easier. The introduction of android phones and other devices have helped to solve lots of problems and served as leverage. Time is being saved as tasks get to be performed faster, money is being saved as the use of machines and technology have increased efficiency. Comfort is being enjoyed, virtual reality games are available amongst others for recreation and fun, while at the same time lives are constantly being saved through the advancements in the medical field.

Without controversy, technology is a plus to humanity. At a click and within nanoseconds decisions are being made with distance never acting as a barrier. We can boldly say that the growth of any nation is determined to a large extent by the level of technological development available.

Technology has brought about improvements and positive changes while contributing to setbacks in some areas. Though the cons are being overshadowed by the pros of technology, they are still there. As technology is being used to save lives, its effect can be seen negatively on human health as in the case of radiations from our devices and other means. Not limited to this, technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time.
Nevertheless, for its many and numerous blessings, it is and will always be an advantage to humanity.

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