Early Monday Morning Coffee

Early Monday Morning Coffee

Early Monday Morning Coffee.
By Chukwunyere Favour

It’s 4am. You get into your office building and the first thing the secretary/receptionist serves you is a cup of coffee. Scenes like this, you’ve seen in numerous movies if you don’t have a first-hand experience. Have you ever wondered why?

So here’s the reason. According to scientists, drinking coffee in the morning helps improve peak daytime performance. I got up earlier than usual today because I want you to read my Coffee Note before you get started for this day. So while you’re still on the bed thinking how to go through the ever hectic Mondays, preparing for work or already commuting to work (Lagosians catch your sub).

This Coffee Note is for you because your productivity for the week matters on how you get this first working day right. Oftentimes, it beats me as to why a majority of people tend to hate the first working day of the week. Why hate Mondays when it will keep coming with other days in the week? Permit me to say waste of hate. Lol!

If you had the powers, you would cut it off, right? Yeah, I know but every day can’t be TGIF. Embrace Mondays, love it. Look forward to it. Plan for it before it comes. Sooner than later, it becomes your favourite day of the week.

Remember then in high school, they told us that once you hate the Maths teacher, understanding the subject becomes difficult, yeah? Apparently, hating Mondays then equals a tough week going with this formula.

Fortunately, you ain’t the only one with this notion about the start of the week. However, there are few others on the other side of the boat that have learnt the tricks to killing their Mondays. I’ll share a few of these salient points with you:

  • Plan your Mondays in advance.
  • Have a to-do list (Write it down).
  • Rank your tasks and execute them in order of importance and urgency.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Be focused and disciplined in your duties.
  • Outsource less relevant duties.
  • Love the work you do.
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One secret is that getting your Mondays right is directly proportional to your overall life productivity. Now you know better.

We go again this week. This time harder than we used to.

Have a productive day today. 🤗
Have a lovely week ahead. 🌹

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