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Which of These Types of Texters Do You Know?

Texting is one of the many things that reveal the different personalities that exist. We’re all a little different when we’re using our messaging apps, aren’t we?

Well, here are some types of texters we’re pretty sure you might have come across. How many of them do you know?

The One-Word Texters

They never type phrases or sentences. It’s always ’Ok’, ‘Thanks’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’. Their messages always come off as passive-aggressive for some reason.

The Ones Who Never Go Straight to The Point

These are the types of people who will see a straight line but choose to move in circles. They’ll spend several minutes greeting you before asking you a question or saying what they have in mind. 😂

The Ones Who Abbreviate Everything

These kinds of people don’t type full sentences. They’ll send you the weirdest abbreviations like they automatically expect you to decipher them.

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The Ones Who Put Emojis in Everything

“Please 🙏 buy fruits 🍊🍌 on your way home. 🏚 Thank you” Haba. 😭

The Inquisitive Ones

They are always asking questions. Tell them you just finished eating and they’ll ask you what you ate. Tell them you’re on your way home and they’ll ask what vehicle you’re in and what route you’re taking.

The Wannabe OAPs

They always send voice messages and for some weird reason, they’re always making sexy voices and forming accents. Meanwhile, you know them in real life and you know that they sound nothing like they do in those voice messages.

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The Novelists

They will type out lengthy paragraphs that will make you feel like you’re reading a novel or dissertation. Whenever you get a notification from them, you automatically know you’re in for a long reading session.

The Suspenseful Texters

You’ll see them typing for three minutes and you’ll wait in anticipation for the text to finally drop. However, when it does, it’s just five words and an emoji. What in the world were they typing for that long then? The worst ones are those who type and type and end up sending nothing. What was the point?

The Odd-Hour Texter

These people send texts at the most awkward times. 2:45. 3:10, 4:34. Why?

The Occasional Texters

They only text you on special days- birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, New Year. That’s all. 💀

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