Which of These Six Types of Single People Are You?

In a time where it seems like everyone is in a relationship, posting their versions of ‘his view/ her view’ pictures and talking about how amazing their partners are, there are several people who are simply chilling and navigating life as single folks.

However, not all single people are the same. While some are single by choice- choosing to focus on themselves, others find it hard to accept their statuses.

Here are seven types of single people. Which of them are you?

The Unbothered Ones

They don’t mind being single at all. They aren’t actively searching for a relationship and they’re just doing their own thing and minding their own business.

he Vengeful Ones

They hate their exes with a passion and they are determined to make them pay. Even if the breakup happened months ago, best believe that they are still plotting their revenge and waiting for the perfect time to strike.

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The Mournful Ones

They still haven’t moved on from their previous relationships. You’ll find them listening to Adele and Sam Smith on repeat, singing their hearts out and insulting their exes for breaking their hearts.

The Confused Ones

They don’t realize that they are single. In most cases, they are in relationships that are yet to be defined or situationships. All the signs point to the fact that they are single, but they refuse to accept reality.

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The Hopeful Ones

They are die-hard romantics who believe in love no matter how many times they have experienced heartbreaks. They are always on the search for ‘the one’ and there is no amount of disappointments or breakups that will discourage them.

The Veterans

They’ve been single for so long, they’ve become experts in the game. They know how to be alone and how to live life without romantic notions and expectations. While the rest of the world is gushing over relationships, they can’t even pretend to care.

What other type of single people do you know?

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