For Flexx Chics: Get Rid Of The Boring And Embrace Exciting Skirts!

Have you ever wanted to step out and thought your skirt was too boring? It’s either flare or pencil, can’t the skirt be more exciting? You don’t have to settle for boring skirts AIRTEL: 5217918837953195 or opt for trousers to slay.

If you like skirts, you will like this list that tells you the name of ten different kinds of skirts, with styles and patterns of their own.

Even if you couldn’t find the exact skirt in the market, you can now have the exact name and image to show your local tailor.

For all the skirt lovers, gather here!

1. Asymmetrical Skirts

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Hello, gorgeous Ankara asymmetrical skirt! They are also known as high-low skirts, mullets or waterfall. They are skirts with a hem that is higher in the front, or side, than in the back.

2. Accordion

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Why this type of skirt can never run out of trend, is that it is soft, flowing and very flattering, giving you that sense of petite.

3. Draped

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A draped skirt’s skilful contouring hides love handles and unloved thighs while elongating the form with ladylike grace.

4. Knife Pleated


Knife Pleated Skirts are made by pressing flat accordion pleats in the same direction. Don’t you just love it?

5. Bubble

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A bubble skirt is a short skirt with a balloon silhouette. The skirts’ bottoms and sides are meant to billow out, but the waistline is firmly fitted.

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6. Panelled

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A panelled skirt can be worn in a number of different ways. By selecting more or fewer panels and broadening or narrowing those panels at the bottom, you can create a skirt that is practically straight or an extremely twirly voluminous skirt.

7. Godet


You can either wear it long or short. It is also known as Godet pleat. It has a flared shape with triangular fabric inserts that add movement to the garment.

8. Ruffled


This is both a ruffle and wrapping skirt. These frill skirts are comfortable and give an elegant vibe. Don’t you just want one?

9. Tulip


Tulip skirts have a belt-like waistband, a tapering hemline, and a distinct style for the wearer. Sleek, right?

10. Mermaid

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This style is quite popular in Nigeria. But you can use different types of materials to enhance your mermaid-like dressing.

Which of these skirts is your favourite?

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