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10 Trending Jobs That Can Pay You In The Fashion Industry

Have you thought about converting your love for fashion into monetary value? These days, nothing is left to chance. Take social media for example, while it initially started as a thing of fun and connecting with people all over the world, it has gone beyond that to become a platform to create awareness, growth and sales in products and services.

If you are not interested in white-collar jobs and love fashion, you don’t have to admire it from a distance, you too can be a part of the system.

Here are ten trending jobs in the fashion industry that you can take up;

1. Fashion Designer

fashion jobs

This is like the number one job in the industry. One of the most popular things people like about the fashion industry is outfits. The different styles and techniques in sewing them. While the word ‘tailor’ is valid, you often hear ‘there is a difference between a tailor and a fashion designer’.

Mama Sheriff can be called a tailor because of her local method of sewing, while Betsie’s Apparel can be known as a fashion designer because of her expertise and modernisation when it comes to sewing. It is all in the packaging. Learn tailoring from a good school and start your career.

2. Fashion Blogger

fashion jobs

Don’t stop at reading what others have to say about trending fashion icons, be the one to write that captivating content that draws attention to you. You can even progress to YouTube or become a TV personality.

3. Illustrator/Designer

fashion jobs

How good is your illustration capabilities? Can you sketch? You can freelance and sketch lovely attires for fashion houses or be employed into one as an in-house creative graphic designer.

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4. Model

fashion jobs

Oh, yeah. Models are still needed today. You can be a runway model, model for natural hair, skin, big bold and beautiful and the likes.

5. Makeup Artist

fashion industry

They are always needed. You can be affiliated with a fashion house, apply makeup on the models, a film crew or an event.

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6. Photographer

trending jobs

Runway shows, blogs, weddings to mention a few, all make use of the photographer. Fashion always demands to be seen and to do that, the image must be captured. You can become a fashion photographer.

7. Fashion Stylist

fashion jobs

How does this one sound? You get to choose the outfits and accessories for campaigns and shoots. You should be able to mix fabrics and adapt to fashionable marketing trends.

8. E-Commerce Boutique

trending jobs

Not everyone can open an up-to-standard boutique in an urban market. But thanks to social media, you do not have to pay for shop space. All you have to do is snap your goods and upload them. With a pre-order style of sale, you can sell shoes, bags, clothes and other fashion accessories at your convenience.

9. Public Relation Specialist

How people view the fashion house, brand and the like is up to you. It will be your job to create and maintain a positive image.

10. Social Media Account Manager

You can manage the social media pages of the fashion outfit you work with. Taking care of copies and captions, approving the right designs and converting leads to sales for the brand.


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