7 Stylish Ways On How And When To Use A HeadWrap

The days when headwraps were limited to religious settings, market women or women who had generally given up on fashion, are long gone. Now you can wear your scarf, cover bad hair and still look awesome!

This is not to say that your headwraps should be used only when your hairstyle is not appealing but as a fashion accessory which is very much a trend in Nigerian and beyond. Are you ready to stop looking dull in a head tie and get stylish with it?

When to use a headwrap

1. When hanging out with friends



Get that free and happy look as you go out with friends. Wear a nice outfit and tie a headwrap to go with the look.

2. To a business meeting


Natural Girls Rock

Wear a suit, gown or skirt with one unique colour, red, black, blue, yellow or whatever works for skin tone and add an Ankara head tie to give you that professional yet dashing sense of culture.

3. When having a bad hair day



It’s not always easy to look ‘on point’ all the time. We have other lives to live besides wearing great hair, right? There are classes, businesses, jobs, families and other important stuff. So, you can be excused when you don’t feel like styling your hair and just wrap it up nicely.

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4. Wear it to bed


Use a satin wrap. Gone are the days when we used mere hair nets to cover our long braids. While that will still work for a glamorous hairdo, it does not favour your natural hair. Satin wraps or bonnet helps keep moisture in your hair.

5. Owambe



How can you attend an original ‘Owambe’ party and not tie ‘gele’ or some beautiful headwrap? Give your native attire the oomph it needs with a stylish head tie.

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6. Just because…


Modest Fashion Mall

Do you really need a reason to wear a gorgeous hair wrap? Absolutely not! Rock it, because you can. Just make sure you are doing it right, which brings us to ‘how’.

How to use a headwrap

How about we show you instead? Check out the YouTuber’s headwraps!


Okay, flexxer! When will you be tying your next headwrap?

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