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Cool Your Temper: 5 Unconventional Ways Dada Learned To Calm Down

“Oga, cool your temper” The driver shouted from the front of the Siena.
“Don’t tell me to calm down!” Dada snapped back. “How will she call me devil because I refused to carry her child?” He glared at the woman sitting beside him, with three children standing around her. The oldest one looked like she was ten years old.

“When you knew you couldn’t carry all three children, why didn’t you pay for extra seats?”

“You lack home training! Useless child. They will not take care of your children.” The thin woman spat out.

“It is your three children that are useless!” Dada AIRTEL: 5217954418834202 retorted but to his amazement, the woman burst into tears. Despite other passengers’ efforts to calm her down, she continued to lament that Dada had cursed her and had no respect.

Still fuming, Dada dropped off at his bus stop and took a bike home. He hoped his younger brother cooked something, but when he opened the door, his brother was sprawled out on the carpet playing video games, the room a mess. Dada, thinking about all the yelling he had to deal with at work, the annoying woman on the bus and now this?

He insulted his brother, shouted at him. His head began to pound and his eyes dizzy.
“Is this the exam you are preparing for? What have you been doing all day? Tell me! Start from the beginning.”

Ola scratched his head. “Well-er, I woke up, watched TV, I ate…then I pooped”.
Dada blinked. Then he hoarded in laughter, all the anger seemed to wash away from him. He took a deep sigh and started to gist about the events the day had turned out. In turn, his 16-year-old brother told him life didn’t have to be so tough and gave him the 5 ways he uses in calming himself down.

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You might have tried yoga, training, music…to calm your nerves, but these unconventional and popular remedies can also be useful to you.

1. Laugh more

Study shows that laughter is a great form of stress relief. Not the kind you fake when your boss is telling a bland joke, but pure guffaws from a TV show, from a hilarious person or in Dada’s case, from his brother. Laughter increases endorphins released into your brain, activates and releases your stress response and aids muscle relaxation. It also relieves you of pain and improves your mood. Find a good reason to laugh and do it to your heart’s content.

2. Act like a kid

Children don’t go about worrying about how they will pass that next paper or what to eat the next day, they just enjoy the moment. No wonder they are happier and healthier. Whether you are depressed, anxious or angry, acting like a kid sometimes will go a long way to helping. Like a child, do something physical; play, take a walk, skip, dance or do chores, get creative, don’t paint on your walls, but learn how to paint, when you get hyper, go and sleep, then wake up refreshed and calm.

3. Use a face roller

Sounds weird, huh? So, face rollers are usually used for skin care. It improves blood circulation in your face which in turn helps your skin become firmer and brighter, amongst many other skin remedies. But J-Stage in their Biomedical Research confirmed that facial massage can also be used to reduce anxiety and negative mood. You can get a face roller on Jumia and beauty shops.

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4. Stare at cute babies

The Wall Street Journal published that through three separate experiments a team of scientists from Hiroshima University showed that people showed higher levels of concentration after looking at pictures of babies, puppies or kittens. Staring and cooing at such cuteness can calm your nerves and help you concentrate on the task at hand.

5. Attend cultural events

It could be a zoo, an event showcasing culture and heritage or an art gallery. The goal is to go somewhere out of your usual circle. Fill your head with a different but good perspective about how things are done. Going out with friends is an added benefit.

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