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Five Things You’re Likely to Leave NYSC Camp With

The three weeks spent at the NYSC orientation camp can change your life in several ways- big or small. No one ever returns the same, and that’s not an exaggeration. 😂  Here are some things you’re likely to leave with:

A Tan

All those hours spent standing and sitting under the scorching sun, listening to lectures, marching and doing sports will surely leave you looking very tan, especially if you do not use sunscreen. You definitely know one or two people who returned from camp with dark patches on their skin

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New Friends and Connections

Three weeks in orientation camp would be boring without friends to keep you company and make exciting memories with. One of the advantages of camp is that it brings diverse people together, some of which could be potential life-long friends.

A Significant Other

It’s no secret that NYSC camp is one of the places to find love. Turns out that three weeks spent under the sun and in the rain can truly bring you closer to the love of your life and test the strength of your relationship. 😂

Stronger Muscles

You’ll most likely leave NYSC camp with stronger muscles. Why? Because you’ll spend each day doing morning drills and exercises, walking around camp (which is very large), marching during parades and even doing sports (if you’re interested).

New Skills

Thanks to the SAED programme, you can gain all kinds of knowledge and learn all types of skills, depending on what programme you choose.

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