6 tips to get you through the Harmattan

Harmattan season is the coldest & driest season of the year, and it usually comes in December. Many people find it discomforting because of its harshness on the skin, lips, and nostrils.

To help you protect yourself, we are sharing helpful tips. Enjoy!


Always have a moisturizer with you

Whether you have a dry skin type or not, always have a moisturizer with you and frequently apply them to your skin. You can use regular lotions, petroleum jelly or oils depending on which you prefer.


Wear outfits that cover you up

The cold is real and the dust, too. Put on warm clothes that will cover you up and protect most parts of your skin.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water this period to avoid getting dehydrated easily. You should also try to avoid lots of carbonated drinks and alcohol because they speed up dehydration. 


Always use a lip balm

A lot of people suffer chapped lips when harmattan comes around. Use glossy lip balm to keep your lips soft and juicy.


Use oil-based makeup products

For makeup lovers, avoid matte products like foundation and lipsticks. Use oil-based products to give you a smooth finish even when hit by the harmattan wind.


Moisturize your hair

Natural hairs and weave alike tend to dry out this period. So, ladies, protect that weave you spent good money on. Use hair conditioners and moisturizers to keep your hair from breaking. Whenever you want to sleep, cover your hair with a sleeping bonnet right after moisturizing it.

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