Morning Person

Are You A Morning Person? We Know What Your Life Looks Like

You know the feeling all too well: you walk into your office or lecture hall with an extra spring in your step, a wide smile and a bright face, ready to face the day ahead, while other people around you scowl and whine about how tired and unprepared they are.

You can’t relate to them because you’re an early bird and you feel rejuvenated when the sun is up. If you’re one of these people, here are seven things you can relate to:

You don’t need an alarm to wake up

Your body has become so accustomed to waking up at the crack of dawn, that you don’t even need the help of an alarm to wake up. You get up at the same time every day, without fail. Even when you decide to set an alarm, you get up immediately, without having to snooze repeatedly as most people do.

You prefer morning lectures/ meetings

While most people would rather attend a lecture, meeting or conference at mid-day, you’re comfortable with attending them in the mornings. 7 AM? Perfect. 8 AM? That’s fine. 9 AM? Wonderful. 10 AM? A bit too late, but you don’t mind.

You hardly skip breakfast


You don’t joke with breakfast at all. Since you always wake up early, you have ample time to make any breakfast- yam and scrambled eggs, cereal, toast, pancakes, etc.

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Everyone wonders why/ how you’re always energetic


Every morning, without fail, you get to work or class with so much vim and energy, that people often ask you how you do it. Your productivity levels shoot through the roof during the early hours of the day and you’re always bubbly. Some people have probably asked you if you do drugs.

You work like a machine


You’ve realized that mornings are when you’re most productive, so you ensure that you make the most of them. You’re able to complete work tasks, run errands, do house chores, work out and more when the sun comes up and the rest of the world is still fast asleep.

You start getting tired mid-day

All that energy you exude in the morning sometimes starts to wear off after lunch. You might catch yourself losing concentration or even falling asleep during the day because your productivity hours are usually between 5 am to 11:59 am.

You drink coffee for fun, not because you need it

Other people drink coffee to help them stay alert, you drink it to look cool. Period.

You hardly have to rush


Most people see mornings as the ‘rush hour’ period but you can’t relate because you don’t have to rush anything done. You can wake up, go for a run, get dressed, eat breakfast and get to work or class early without having to hurry.

You’re hardly ever grumpy


While most people get very grumpy and angry in the mornings, you hardly ever do. You’re bursting with positive energy and happy chemicals and sometimes, you can’t even explain why.

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Are you a morning person? Tell us what we left out of this list in the comments section below!

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