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Here’s A Guide to Help You Get The Most Out of Webinars

It seems like everyone seems to be attending one webinar or online conference these days, right? Most individuals have decided to take advantage of some free time to gain knowledge and insight from industry leaders (and brag about it on Twitter). Many organisations have moved their physical meetings to virtual platforms, in line with social distancing guidelines.

Here are some tips to help you leverage webinars and virtual conferences and get the best out of them:

Explore Options

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There are several online conferences and webinars for different types of intending attendees. It’s advisable to do some research and browse through your options to discover what works best for you.
Look at the themes and keynotes speaker(s) to find what piques your interest. Also, you can take a look at the modalities and content options for each webinar, e.g. panel discussions, workshops, Q&A sessions and more. Make your findings ahead of time to discover what option (s) you would be most aligned with.

Think of The Opportunities

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Determine what you’d love to benefit from the webinar. What are the pros? Will it be instrumental to your personal and professional growth? Are there prospects for networking? Will the theme or topic of the webinar open up opportunities for learning? By determining what you aim to take away from the webinar, you’ll know whether or not it will be beneficial to you.

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Check-In With Your Schedule

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You need to be sure that you’ll be available for the webinar ahead of time. Check your schedule to ensure you don’t have pending work or appointments that could prevent you from attending. You might have to pull your weight to finish significant tasks ahead of time so you can create time for the webinar. However, if there are specific issues that could prevent you from attending, you can find out if the webinar will be made available after in other formats so that you can access them at your convenience.

Get A Good Internet Connection

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If you’re stuck with an internet provider that makes you throw a fit every time with their ridiculously slow connection, you’d have to find a better alternative. The last thing you want is to have to deal with blurry images and unclear audio. Ensure you get a good connection ahead of time.

Set A Reminder

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Yep. If you snooze, you lose, buddy. To avoid missing out on the webinar, it’s advisable to add the event to your calendar, so you can get a notification to remind you. You can also set another reminder on your phone. There’s nothing wrong with multiple accountability options.

Prep Some Questions Ahead

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A webinar without an engaging, interactive session would be pretty dull, wouldn’t it? A significant highlight of webinars is the Q&A session, and it would be a good idea to participate by submitting questions you might have. You can write down one or two (or more) ahead of time and add to them during the webinar if you have more questions based on the new knowledge you have received. Doing this will make you an active participant and help to expand your knowledge.

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Take Notes

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You can type in your notes on your device or go the traditional route by using a pen and paper. Also, you don’t have to transcribe the webinar word for word ?. What matters is that you jot down important points and highlights that will help you understand and take in knowledge faster. Your notes will also serve as a point of reference whenever you need them afterwards. You should also find out if the presentation slides will be made available, so you don’t have to write too much.

Focus Focus Focus

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We’re not going to act like this is the easiest thing to do, but it’s super important. Try to avoid all distractions beforehand: find a quiet room where you can stay alone and put your phone aside and turn off notification sounds. You should try to remove distractions that could affect your webinar experience. You need to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Connect with Other Attendees

A group of people connecting with each other online

Lastly, don’t be shy to network with fellow attendees. You can reach out to them to ask questions or have a little chat about the webinar discussion, and from there, you can have more immersive conversations that will be beneficial. Webinars could provide an opportunity to connect with professionals and fellow individuals in different industries and different parts of the world. However, try to be polite and avoid coming off as ‘forceful’.

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