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Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Season

While you’re making plans to have a good time and make the most of the festive season, it’s also essential to include your plans to stay safe. Christmas season often has potential dangers, as many miscreants often devise ways to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind this season:

Drive Safely


If you’ll be taking the driver’s seat while travelling or attending events and parties this Christmas season, remember to drive safely and obey all road safety protocols. Most importantly, do not drink and drive.

Inform People Of Your Whereabouts

Going out? Tell one or two people ahead of time and keep them updated if you decide to go somewhere else. Also, tell them what time you’ll be leaving and when you’ll be back. By updating people on your whereabouts, you can get help in case something adverse happens. Another tip, you can drop your location pin using WhatsApp, so friends and family are aware of your location.

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Park Your Car in Well-Lit Areas

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When looking for a spot to park your car, choose a place that is illuminated and in public view. Dimly lit and secluded parking areas could be hotspots for incidents of theft and assault.

Adhere to The COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

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While you’re trying to have a good time this season, ensure that you remember to follow all the recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines- wash your hands and use alcohol-based sanitizer, keep a safe distance from others and wear your mask.

Choose outdoor events over indoor ones and if you notice any COVID-related symptoms, stay home, observe them and take necessary action.

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Do Not Carry Huge Amounts of Cash With You

Wad of Naira Notes

Taking large amounts of money with you when you go out could put you at risk of getting robbed. It’s best to take little money with you for emergency purchases and only use your debit cards for your major transactions.

Do Not Give Out Personal Info to Strangers

When you meet someone new, you might be tempted to overshare information such as your personal details. However, doing this might put you at risk of getting robbed or scammed. Don’t give out your debit card details, home address or other information to people you just met.

Be Extra Careful In The Kitchen

Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

To prevent fire accidents from breaking out, observe safety precautions in the kitchen. Do not leave food on the stove unattended for too long, and ensure that you unplug all appliances after use.

Secure Your Home Properly


Make sure your compound is well illuminated, and ensure that all doors and gates are well locked properly, to avoid incidents of invasion and theft.

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