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Hosting Game Night? Here Are Some Tips

Hosting a game night with the ‘squad’ is a great way to have some harmless fun together. As exciting as it seems, hosting can be slightly hectic. If you’re planning one, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you with the following tips.

Here you go…

Create a guest list and invite a good number of folks


The key is to invite those who matter- friends, family, coworkers, etc. This will help you make proper arrangement and plan ahead. You should also ask them if they’ll be bringing someone along so you can make reservations for them, too.

Choose a suitable time


Get in touch with your guests and figure out a time and date that works with everyone. (Friday nights are best for game nights). Also, ensure you clear your schedule, so you don’t have to deal with other significant engagements on that day.

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Get some cool games


You’ve got to get those cool games ready, before the event. It would be best if you chose fun, exciting, easy to play games that will get everyone fired up and excited.
Here are some: Charades ( the ultimate game night essential), Jenga, Concentration, Monopoly, Call of Duty, FIFA and other exciting video games. Want to spice things up? Add some VR (virtual reality) games to the mix. ?

Plan your refreshments


Would you attend a party without food? Food is a crucial part of any occasion, so take note of that. Make preparations for some food and snacks- nothing too heavy. You can get small chops, ice cream, fries, pizza, cookies, chocolates, etc. Don’t forget the water and drinks, too.

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Create a playlist


Music sets the tone for any event, so choose some great songs to get everyone in a fun mood. If you’re not so great at putting songs together, you can look up some playlists on Apple Music or even YouTube.

Clean up


This is a no-brainer. You should make sure your space is clean and tidy enough. Germs tend to spread faster among a larger group of people, so make sure the environment is clean.

Create some space

Interior modern design room 3D rendering

You’re going to have people around, and you want to make them comfortable. You can do a little decluttering by taking some items out of your living room to create some space. You don’t have to bother getting so many chairs; some people would rather seat on the floor with some pillows.

Don’t serve all the refreshments at the same time


It would be best if you decided what meals you’re serving first, then serve the remaining as desserts. This ensures that you have something to keep your guests going much later. People need to keep their mouths busy.

Introduce your guests

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The chances are that you might have some friends that have never met each other before. This is a good time and place to introduce them to one another. You can have a quick bonding/ intro session to set things off and ease off some tension. Who knows? You might get a chance to do some matchmaking and get those friends you think would be perfect together, acquainted. ?

Have some fun!


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Don’t get too busy planning the event and ensuring everything is perfect that you forget to have a great time. Loosen up and have some fun.


Do you have some great tips for game night? Let’s read them!

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