How to make it as a fashion blogger

Hey flexxer! Are you thinking of starting a fashion blog and making money from it? If yes, you’re in luck! We’ve got some helpful tips to get you started. Have a look!


  1. Be dedicated

This cannot be over-emphasized. Be consistent and dedicated to your fashion blog whether or not you decide to make it a full-time project. Spend time to create quality content and most importantly, have fun while at it.


  1. Partner with other fashion brands

There are so many opportunities to help you succeed as a fashion blogger; one of which is through strategic partnerships with fashion brands that can indirectly promote your business. This increases visibility of your blog and can boost your traffic, as your readers/viewers recognise the credibility of your content. Ensure the brands you partner with reputable enough to put your blog in good light.


  1. Mistakes are allowed, so long as you use them to your advantage

Like a wise art teacher once said, “Every mistake is a design”. So, own it! Take every mistake as normal, draw learnings from them and most importantly, use them to your own advantage. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, make the most of whatever life throws at you.


  1. Be ready to invest in your fashion blog

The fashion industry is quite an expensive one. When you own a fashion blog, you may need to invest in in creating the right content or improving the user experience of your platform. However, it is vital to prioritize what you spend on, to avoid incurring debts that could hurt your business finances.

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  1. Be yourself

You will attract more readers to your blog if it is unique, natural and exciting. Fashion is fun and continuous, and it’s advisable to showcase what’s different about yourself while trying to create the best content for your audience.


  1. Use social media

Social media is a friend to fashion content and a good place to promote your blog. Interestingly, you can be a fashion blogger on social media, as well! Instagram is the best platform to try out fashion blogging since it’s a photo/video sharing platform.


Do you have a successful fashion blog? What steps did you take? A fellow flexxer would like to know!


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