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Which of These ATM Habits Do You Find The Most Ridiculous?

The process of using an ATM should be a pretty simple one, ideally. However, different types of people with different habits could turn a simple process to a pretty complex and sometimes, hilarious experience.

Here are seven ridiculous habits that certain ATM users have:

Jumping The Queue

There are queues for a reason. Unfortunately, certain people don’t seem to care. They find sneaky ways to jump the queue, so they can use the ATMs before everyone else. Even when you call them out, they’ll lie and make excuses to justify their actions.

Invading Other People’s Space


One of the most uncomfortable scenarios ever is using the ATM while another person stands behind you, breathing down your neck and watching you make a transaction. Personal space is a pretty simple concept; why is it so hard for certain people to grasp?

Using Too Many Cards

Imagine sighing with relief when the person in front of you finally concludes a transaction, only for him/ her to bring out another card— and another card—and yet another card. Some ATM users don’t mind helping over ten people with their withdrawals, even at the expense of other people at the queue.

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Spending Way Too Much Time


Some people aren’t so conversant with the operation of an ATM and should be helped. However, some individuals simply take too much time using the machine, typing away and even making calls, while other people wait on the queue. It’s even worse when they make multiple transactions using the same card or try to use their cards over and over, even though the ATM has shown them that there’s an issue with their account.


From quarrelling over positions on the queue to fighting over space, some people can’t seem to hold civil conversations without flaring up. If you do this, please turn over a new leaf.

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Counting Money Over and Over


We get it- you have some trust issues and you want to ensure your money is complete. However, you need to remember that the withdrawals are automated and seldom dispense incomplete money.



Some people never pass up the chance to push their romantic agendas. They’ll walk up to someone they find attractive and try to ask them out on dates or pass unnecessary compliments. Face your transaction and go, dear.


It’s pretty annoying when someone shows up out of the blue to tell you that you’re in their spot, or that they were on the queue before you. It’s not so hard to stay in one place? Is it?

What other ridiculous habits do people exhibit at ATMs? Share with us!

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