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Six Things Job Applicants Are Tired Of

Everyone knows that being a job applicant in Nigeria is not a walk in the park. From employment scams to ridiculous job descriptions and laughable salary offers; getting a good job sometimes seems like a battle.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the stressful phase of job hunting, here are seven things you might be familiar with:

Seeing Job Titles with Unrelated Job Descriptions


Certain job vacancies are so ridiculous, they make you shudder. Some companies could put out job openings for a digital marketing executive, only to list out software development, graphic design and 3D design as job responsibilities. Aren’t those three different job titles? 😂😂

Ridiculously Low Salary Offers


Have you ever applied for a job that claimed to offer a ‘competitive salary’, only to realize, during the interview, that the salary being offered was way below the industry pay grade? It’s a nightmare.

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Getting Radio Silence From Companies

Here’s another thing every job seeker hates- applying for a job, getting to the first (or even second) stage, and hearing absolutely nothing from the company. No employment letter, no rejection letter, just silence and vibes.

Fresh graduates or even experienced applicants might find themselves dealing with one or two fake job ads from individuals seeking to take advantage of their naivety and desperation. For tips to help you spot and avoid fake job ads, you can take a look at this article.

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Ridiculous Requirements


From job vacancies requiring two years post-NYSC experience for fresh graduate hires to openings for individuals below 25 with 8 years experience, some job requirements are utterly absurd.

Insufferable Personnel


There have been numerous stories of job applicants dealing with rude, disrespectful and intolerable employers. From flirty managers to uncouth HR managers, there are a bunch of people set out to frustrate job applicants.

Annoying Personal Questions

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’
‘What village are you from?’
‘What’s your mother’s maiden name?’

It’s pretty frustrating when you spend a lot of time practising answers to interview questions only to be thrown off balance by irrelevant questions such as the ones listed above. If job interview questions are to be interesting, they should be relevant, as well.

What other parts of the job-hunting process do you find frustrating? Share with us in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!

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