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5 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Skin

By Eseosa Imade

Everyone is always talking about the secret to getting a glowing skin, from skin experts to mums and best friends. We’re always trying out that recommended soap, scrub or face mask. Scrolling through your timeline and you see different products you can try on your face. But hold on! Have you weighed the disadvantages of trying everything on your face?

Has anyone told you what not to do if you want good skin? I bet not, that is why we are here for you; to tell you the 5 essential things you should stop doing to your skin. If you find any of your habits on this list, please, get rid of it immediately! Let’s dive in.

Picking & Popping A Pimple

Yes, I know it is there, it hurts, and you just want to get rid of it. But you need to let it be! Trying to treat your pimple or acne by popping or picking at it will only make it worse and leave scars that will take time to heal and fade. Not only will this happen, but it will also spread the content of the pimple to nearby pores leading to more problems and skin irritation.

Allow the pimple to heal at its own time, and please keep your hands off! The more you touch your face with your hands, the more you spread bacteria on your face.

Avoid Over Exfoliating

For God’s sake, this is your skin, don’t overdo it. The famous saying “too much of everything is bad” applies here. Exfoliating is an essential step for any skincare routine, but over-exfoliating can lead to skin irritation. It’s advisable to exfoliate your skin not more than twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and achieve a healthy skin glow.

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Too much exfoliation leads to dry and broken skin because you have taken off your skin’s natural barrier and nutrients. It also leads to oily skin, making your skin produce extra sebum to replace the lack of natural oil and skin you have removed. This, in turn, will lead to clogged pores and breakouts you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Going To Bed With Makeup On

You go out with makeup on and come back extremely tired. You just want to lay in bed and sleep off. Remember that all the dirt, oil, and makeup that have been on your face all day need to be removed before you sleep on your pillow.

At night, the makeup will seep deep into your pores as your skin regenerates itself overnight, causing breakouts and blackheads. Also, laying your head on your pillow before taking off your makeup gives room for more bacteria to spread on your face as you sleep.

Applying Lemon

Let’s get this straight once and for all; I know many DIY say add lemon to your skincare routine or apply it to your face. But you need to stop! While a certain amount of lemon mixed with the right ingredients is suitable for some skin types, it does not work for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin. Lemon is acidic in nature, and it can burn the skin, it can also cause skin irritations, dryness, and sun damage.

Not Drinking Enough Water

You want your skin to glow, yet you’re not drinking enough water? Then you need to start drinking adequate water; at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps your skin cells and makes your skin look fresh and bright. When you’re dehydrated, your skin starts to dry out. If you find it challenging to drink water, you should try adding a slice of lemon or cucumber to your water to add taste.

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I hope this helps you reconsider those bad skincare habits. Share this with your friends and family. At the end of the day, everyone wants glowing skin.

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  1. Doris Randy Reply

    So accurate, people need to be careful with diys these day, people will apply raw lemon on their skin lol, making their skin prone to sunburn.People need to be more aware of these things.

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