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Technology: The trailblazer of our society

By Firdausi Jimoh


A look at the world in former centuries, one would realize what a magnificent change has occurred drastically since the advent of technology. As it stands, technology has turned the world into a global village. Areas, where technology has improved and has aided the globalization of the world, includes the communication sector, transportation, health and farming


Communication has been transformed greatly, been that the old days or traditional method of communication town crier, bush burning, announcements letter writing were delivery and feedback was not instantaneous; cases where an important message needs to be sent, it would be written two to three weeks before the event to allow the post mail do their delivery. However, urgent messages will only be received afterwards but with the development of the device called telephone or handset, communication is easy as the snap of a finger. One can place a call to a person or people far away.

Technology has eased the banking sector and customers to a great extent that you can transfer money from your device without going to the bank, you can buy airtime, data and even open an account. Technology has eased the communication aspect by providing equipment and gadgets like microphones, camera and tripod, laptops, midget, etc that are used to show broadcast or happenings in the society; these same gadgets are what journalists use in gathering news and dissemination.

Technology has given rise to social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok. The internet can be accessed through smartphones which allows sharing and dissemination of information to a large audience far and wide.

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One look at the first-century one will realize how technology has brought improvement in the transport system globally. Before now, donkeys, camels, horses, bicycle, canoe where the major means of transportation of people and of goods gradually technology came in place and now the rail system came forth, then cars and now airplanes, jets, ships and boats have taken over and they faster and reliable because of technology. Airplanes are the fastest means of transportation from states to states and country to country.


The health sector has received immense improvement because of technology. Machines have been manufactured that ease the work of health personnel during operations, blood tests, surgeries and drug manufacture to a large extent. Technology has provided equipment used in the gymnasium and training ground used by athlete and people who want to keep fit.


Technology has made farming easy with the development of machinery paved way for mechanized farming instead of local tools like hoe, cutlass, axe etc. felling of trees no longer depend on axe and cutlass which consume time; so is trimming of grass. Combined harvester which is used to harvest and process farm grains now makes farming a whole lot easier. Technological advancement also includes chemicals and fertilizers which aid crop production and kills weeds and insects. Technology is gradually eradicating the use of manpower in the farming sector. Chemicals which can be used in storing crops after harvest has come into existence solely because of technology.


The education sector has been upgraded by technology in the area of idea and knowledge transmission; materials are uploaded daily on the internet which enhances knowledge for both students and lecturers. Technology has made it easy for lecturers and teachers to access materials for assignment, tests, project and personal researches. Technology has also made it very easy to hold online classes and examinations globally.

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The usefulness and transformation technology has brought to the society thereby making efficient work all through.

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