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Stay Safe! Never Share Personal Banking Details With Anyone

Staying safe is a concept that also applies to your bank account. One sure way to keep safe is to never share personal banking security details with anyone.

Fraudsters are continually reinventing ways to defraud their victims, such that not only do victims lose their life savings, they can also get into more trouble in the process. For instance, a fraudster who hacks into a victim’s account can use that account to defraud others, making it look as though the victim is the one scamming people.

Don’t aid the fraud. Your banking details should always be kept private. Details like your internet/mobile banking passwords, OTPs, Card Number, Card PIN, CVV, BVN, etc., should NEVER be shared with anyone on the phone, via email, on a website or social media.

As always, remember, FCMB will NEVER ask you to disclose any personal banking details via phone call, SMS or email.

If you suspect any compromise on your card or account, immediately call our 24-Hour Contact Centre on 07003290000.

You can also send an email to frauddesk@fcmb.com.

Stay safe. Be alert always

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