5 things that happened to every fresher

This was you when you saw your name on the admission list right?


And you entered campus ready to give them like….

University student sitting in classroom


But alas higher institution had other things in store for your freshness, do you remember these 5 things? Because we can never forget

  1. When you first get into town and realise that the cab/okada man collected #500 for a #50 tripimg_20160818_085731Why do you hurt me this way?
  2. When you walk around the whole school looking for Senate Building.560107689You be like “excuse me please, please where’s the senate building?”
  3. This is your credentials “clear file” when you start registration.
    Via imager

    Via imgur

  4. Queue for clearance, bank, hostel, water, air, life be likepeople-waiting-in-a-long-queueChai Jesus!
  5. How staylites laugh at you when you say “I’m tired and I want to go home”

cbdcf21wcaalkrt-jpg-largeLook at this one, lmaooo

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