ICYMI: Tips on switching from NYSC-mode without hassle

As a Flexxer rounding up your youth service, you may be thinking to yourself “Finally, this NYSC is nearly over – Thank God!” The thing is, you are about to plunge into the labour market along with a hundred thousand other corpers. If you already have a job waiting for you, lucky you darling! If not, we have a few points to help you, as getting a job doesn’t exactly come easy.

Prepare Your Mind:

First things first, you must be mentally prepared for what is to come. You must be focused, optimistic and also have a job-hunting strategy. Just winging it after NYSC is not only risky, it could lead to depression or something worse if you don’t land a job as quickly as you expected to.

Plan Ahead:

Get another degree? Start a career? Or set up a business? Know what you want to venture into after your service year. If your main idea is to start a business or learn a skill, ensure you start working on that before you pass out of NYSC. If you haven’t, it is never too late to start.

Prepare a CV:

It is very necessary to draft a CV before your POP and immediately start sending them to organizations where you feel you can offer value and an exceptional service. Ensure your CV is tailored to the skill requirements of the Job you are applying for.

Keep strong relationships:

As you are leaving the phase of youth service, maintain strong contact with those who could be on your A-team. Surround yourself with an outstanding bunch of focus-minded individuals who value hard work and success.

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Networking is very important after service year. Attend events and shows where you can meet specific contacts that can potentially be of good and relevant assistance to your new career path.

Learn a skill:

There’s no harm in learning something new. You can learn a skill that could be of good use to your potential job or business or learn a skill that appeals to your interests e.g. learn how to play a musical instrument or take up catering, make-up etc.

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