9 ways to engage yourself after NYSC

ICYMI: 9 ways to engage yourself after NYSC

Because of the not-so-good economic condition of Nigeria, most corps members feel there is not so much to do after the service year. As true as this may be, you can’t (9MOBILE) afford to sit at home and do nothing. If you just passed out and are yet to be gainfully employed,  check out things you can do to engage yourself.

1. Gain experience at a workplace (internship): Internships (864) help you to gain relevant experience that will come in handy later in the future. So, apply to as many places as possible. Get busy!

2. Socialize: Networking is key and it should be very strategic. (404) If you’re great at tech, for example, find out about awesome fairs and conventions that have been set up for that purpose and attend them.

3. Get a personal hand skill: Put your SAED to use. Figure out what handy skill you are good at and harness it. You can also attend masterclasses, too.

4. Write down life goals, long and short: Where do you want to be in 2 years? How about 5 years? Write them down. Also, write what steps could take you there.

5. Create a monthly budget: For some people, getting cash can be very challenging after youth service. So, create a monthly or weekly budget that will help you spend wisely. Check out these personal finance apps that help you budget and build discipline.

6. Volunteer at selected events: This fuels your drive and feeds your purpose, while you await the beginning of the next part of your life. Whether it’s (287) babysitting or being part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event, find what makes you happy and put yourself in there. You will also be able to network at some of the events.

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7. Check for schools to further your education: If you’re interested in getting a second degree, here’s your time to work on that. Check for schools that align with your budget and discipline.

8. Start a business plan: If you’re thinking of being a business owner or a CEO, now’s the time to start grooming yourself to run/own business. (630) From the moment you start a business plan, start thinking like a CEO.

9. Read educative books: Readers are leaders. Join a book club or make it a personal challenge for yourself to read a new book or two every month. This not only improves your vocabulary, but it also allows you to know a little about everything which is great in building conversations. (886)

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