Fashion styles of the ’90s that are still trending

The ‘90s was a revolutionary decade for fashion. A number of top fashion styles from that era are slowly making a major come back in today’s fashion world. Check these styles out!


  1. High waisted mom jeans

Mom jeans are back and better than ever. The high-waisted baggy style has been popularized again.

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  1. Mini backpacks

Remember when you would try and fit all the day’s essential in a pint-sized pack back in the day? Now, the backpacks are back and smaller than ever.

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  1. Round glasses

Once considered goofy and nerdy, round glasses have made a radical comeback. If you want to slowly get into the ’90s groove, without being out there, then you should try the glasses.

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  1. Denim jackets with patches

Ironing or stitching patches on your denim jacket was a ‘90s way of expressing your individuality and personality all on one garment. Youngsters now embrace it.

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  1. White sneakers

White sneakers were hard to miss in the ‘90s and the trend has resurfaced in today’s fashion world.

Via Esquire

  1. Tracksuits

Sporty tracksuits were popular in the ‘90s and they recently came back in the fashion world with designers like Puma, Yeezus, and Adidas leading the trend.

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  1. Bucket hats

Bucket hats were one of those divisive trends that were loved back then in the ‘90s and many people still love them till date.

Via Quiksilver


  1. Bandanas
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Bandanas were such versatile accessories of the ‘90s because they could be worn on the head, around your neck and elsewhere, depending on the creativity of the stylist. They are still in vogue, too


What’s your favourite style from the ‘90s that is trending in the fashion world?


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One Comment

  1. Rosy Omeje Reply

    Lol. I’ll totally agree with these!
    That bucket hat trend is still surprising to me till date. Always saw it as a thing for my dad’s generation! ?
    My favorite is bandanas. I can rock those anytime anywhere!

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