How Tyvek wristbands are changing the game of showbiz

With concerts and shows getting sold out these days, it’s easy to conclude that show organizers are really hitting it big. As true as this seems, some of these artistes actually have a challenge with crowd control.

Crowd control, especially for concerts, shows and carnivals, can be extremely hectic. Certain individuals take advantage of the vast number of people at these events to carry out all sorts of mischievous activities such as sneaking in persons, presenting used ticket, amongst others.

To address these challenges and more, the global brand, DuPont, developed a tear resistant comfortable lightweight material. Tyvek wristbands are designed to provide an economic and secure way of identifying party goers and patrons across countless type of events. These wristbands are quite fashionable, too, as they come in many cool colours.


They also have additional security to prevent transferring or swapping the bands, and are sequentially numbered to prevent illegitimate event goers from gate crashing.

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This new simple invention will help sanitize event hosting systems, especially here in Nigeria where people are constantly trying to game the system.

Now you can go ahead to plan your next event knowing you have an access control option that provides the security from frauds and gate-crashers.




Which do you think is more effective? Tickets or Tyvek wristbands?