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Weird Food Habits: Which of These Are You ‘Guilty’ Of?

Certain people take ‘dare to be different’ to heart when it comes to their food choices. They do the opposite of what others do (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except in some instances) and they ALWAYS justify their actions, no matter how weird they are.

We’ve lined them up. Which of these weird food habits are you guilty of?

Pouring Your Milk before The Cereal

This has been the subject of debate for so long and yet; there hasn’t been any valid justification for pouring the milk before the cereal. We’re pretty sure cereal manufacturers had other plans.

Eating Cold Food (on Purpose)

It’s one thing to eat your food cold because you’re in a hurry or your microwave is terrible, but it’s another thing to let your food cool before eating it. We just have one question: Why.

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Dipping Bread in Tea

This is one habit most of us outgrew as we grew older, so why are you still holding on to it, dear? Please refrain from doing such. Thank you/

Putting Sugar in Beans

Sounds like a criminal offence, doesn’t it? Well, certain people feel the need to add sugar to everything, beans included.

Drinking Garri with Milk

Hmm. These are two things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but somehow, they often find themselves in the same bowl. If you do this, know that we’re not judging you, but we’d love to have a word.

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Adding Pepper to Everything

Certain people add pepper to almost every single food, including foods that have no business with pepper. What is it about the perspiration-causing, stomach-turning feeling that makes pepper such a significant additive for every meal? (20 marks)

Eating Cereal with Hot Water

There’s no reason to eat cereal with water that isn’t room temperature or at most, warm. Hot water is just taking things to a whole new level, y’all.

Bread & Salad Cream

The fact that mayonnaise is an alternative for salad cream doesn’t mean salad cream is an alternative for mayonnaise. Do you understand? 😂

Eating Burnt Food

Okay, we have to end this right here because this is a bit too much to handle. There’s no reason to eat burnt food, whatsoever. This is a special message to you from the food gods to stop the disrespect.

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