6 things your boss shouldn’t catch you doing

As with every other company, the reason you were picked among other candidates who came for the interview was probably that your new employer believed you would be an asset to the company. So, you need to be at your best because much is expected from you.

While you strive to fit in, adapt to the new workplace and ensure you add value as expected from you; here are 6 things you shouldn’t be caught doing at your workplace.


  1. Losing your temper

It’s very human to get emotional occasionally. At the workplace, however, being ever ready to switch to “para” mode does not show any form of professionalism and could hint your employer that there’s a possibility of you being a physical threat.

It’s never smart to yell at your colleague or go off at an “annoying” client. No one needs that kind of energy. If you are under pressure, take a walk. It helps. Never let your anger get the best of you at work because you may not be ready for the repercussions.


2. Complaining about your job

“Some can work but have no job, some have a job but hate their work.”

If you keep expressing how much you dislike what you’re working on or your job in general, get ready to take a walk. Constant sulking or whining about your duties won’t be tolerated by any employer. Never forget that no one is indispensable.


3. Working on your resume/applying for a new job

Either you just spent a week at your current job or you have stayed there for 7 years, do not work on your CV or apply for a new job at the office. The office WiFi wasn’t installed for you to visit job application sites. If you’re found doing this, then your employer will have a hunch that you might be seeking other employment opportunities. Your loyalty has been compromised, and this might spell doom for you.

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 4. Being rude to clients or customers

Your relationship with the company’s clients should be as smooth as a honeymoon getaway. If you get hostile or rude to your clients, you could lose them and lose your job. Always, be friendly and courteous.


5. Texting, playing games

Constant surfing of the internet, chatting on social media with family and friends or liking Instagram photos can be addictive at work, especially when the WiFi is free and FAST! As fun as this is, it poses a great threat for you. Ensure to keep your conversations to the barest minimum and more importantly, meet deadlines and constantly create value for your company. Not to worry, you can “Instagram” all you want at the close of business, and confirmation that all your daily deliverables have been met.


6. Spending time on personal activities

Many bosses get it that you can occasionally get personal phone calls or you could even browse the web on your personal interests. It only becomes a real problem when you spend several working hours running personal activities especially when you have work to do. Organizations have strict policies against it. Be guided.


While these are things you should keep in check while you work, it is in no way implying that you shouldn’t have fun at work. Just keep it in moderation.


Tell us what other things you shouldn’t be caught doing at the office? Share with us in the comment section.

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