Nigerian Aunties

Which Of These Nigerian Aunties Have You Encountered?

We love our aunties, but sometimes, they can be too much. Whether they are from your father’s or mother’s side, most aunties AIRTEL: 0862 5718 6441 2063)  do not sit on the sideline, being bored and staying out of your business.

Do you agree that there’s usually that one aunty who would always meddle? Not everyone has the experience, but many can relate.

Here are a few types of Nigerian aunties who would either frustrate your life or make it a truly entertaining one;

1. Come, let me pray for you.

Prayer warrior

Nairaland Forum

There is that one aunt who feels she must cast and bind every demon from your life. If you’re lucky, she’d call you on the phone and pray for one straight hour. If you are not, she’d be at your house, and the hours she’d spend with her hands laid on you…only time will tell. Ask this kind for advice only on days you don’t have anything else doing, or you will be the one begging for the advice to stop. Advice-overload. ??

2. Where’s the party at?

Naija Aunty

The Guardian Nigeria

They are the ones who call to ask where you will be turning up next. Sometimes, they come up with the next outing themselves. They usually get you in trouble with your parents too and make you question your sense of morale. They are free-spirited, young at heart and ready to ‘jaye’.

3. Monitoring spirit.

monitoring aunty

‘Where were you last night?’ ‘Who was that at the door?’, ‘I saw you o, well done’. These are some of the kinds of things they say. They would peer at you with brooding eyes and glasses resting low on their noses.

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4. Bestie for life.


Aunties like this are closer than friends or siblings. You find yourself confiding and telling them everything. They are easy to talk to and seem to understand you best.

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5. She’s just a kid.


This aunty can spoil and pamper you. When your mom gets upset at you, call her. She is the pacifier, the mediator, the intermediary, the ice to boiling water. She would tell everyone you’re just a kid and should be left to your own devices.

6. When will you marry?


Dread their phone calls or visitation, because when all pleasantries have been exchanged, the next question will undoubtedly be… ‘when will you marry?’, ‘You are not getting any younger’. Aunty Patience called a few days ago and asked, ‘how is your concubine?’ LOL…after being stunned by the question, the only thing left to do was burst into laughter.

7. Are we even related?

You hardly see her. You only see her at weddings or burial ceremonies. A nod or a smile is exchanged as greetings, and she is off. Your parents will probably be the ones asking you if you remember Aunty Ada. There is no relationship lost between you two.

8. Black Tax Inventor


The chronic needy aunties. They know you are a graduate and have started a job or business. They can’t go to your parents because they have asked too for too much already. So they prey on your love for them or the fact that she carried you on her back. They are always asking for one favour or the other, promising to pay you back but even you know that it’s never gonna happen.

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9. The Regular

Naija experience


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Haha. Everyone can relate to these kinds unless you have never had an aunt. They are just what they are, visiting only to stay in touch and minding their business. Aunties with no drama attached to them.

But, can one be an aunt without drama? Share with us your version of aunties you’ve witnessed.

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