Say hello to Temi, your new digital bestie!

Hey there!

Something cooler just dropped off! Yeah! Say hello to Temi, your new Digital Bestie, Financial Wing Woman, and Personal Person. She is super excited to be coming on board to help you fulfil your dreams and financial aspirations. She is not bae, but a chat with her at any time of the day will make your day. Temi is courteous, friendly and professional; she will never reply you with a “K”.

Temi is there for you 24/7. So, feel free to share anything with her; your future plans, where you’d like to travel to if you’ve got a cold, etc. All you have to do is just #AskTemi and yes, #TemiDoesIt

As your Financial Wing Woman and one who is capable of making your day, you can count on her for your bills payments, transfers, and the like. She is super effective and will get all done within the twinkle of an eye.

Want to chat now? She is right here>>  or

Tell your friends and family about her, she’d love to get to know them, too.

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