Things fashion entrepreneurs can learn from Fenty Beauty

Businesses worldwide are completely shaken by Fenty Beauty’s success, the brainchild of Rihanna Robyn Fenty. Since its launch in September 2017, the brand has been strategically breaking rules and recording tremendous success. Want to be that successful, too? Here are a few things you can learn from Fenty Beauty.

1. Solve a problem: Fenty Beauty (FB) didn’t only shake the market because Rihanna created it, a lot of people spoke about how great the products are. Also, since FB has over 40 different shades of foundation, people expressed how pleasing it was to find the perfect shade of foundation; an issue other makeup
companies had not solved.

2. Don’t rush it: Rihanna’s makeup products took over 2 years in production before they were finally released to the public. Good things take time and to grow a successful business like Fenty Beauty, you don’t need to rush. 

3. Be passionate about it: What’smore fulfilling than doing what you love? You stand a better chance of building a successful business if it is something you love and are passionate about.

4. Packaging is key: Although they say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, fashion brands like Fenty Beauty pay good attention to packaging as much as every other aspect of the products. Create good packaging that gives your audience a solid connection the moment they sight your product for the first time.

5. Get closer to your audience: Riri has no problems with making short instruction videos on how to use each of her many products, neither does she find it hard to attend store launches and events. How she connects with her audience has greatly benefitted her brand.

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You’re off to a great start in your business if you follow these easy guides.

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