A bowl of noodles- a popular food eaten and loved by students

The Staple Foods That Students Love

Food is such a significant part of university life, and there are different types for different scenarios- from study sessions to quick breakfasts to those periods when you’re incredibly broke. (MTN 3288 8113 1013 21582)

Here are the top foods that university students love and can’t do without:


This is the OG campus food if we’re real. When you need to whip up a quick meal or when your account balance is on red, noodles have your back, always.


Whether it’s Cornflakes, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies, Oats or Fruit ‘n’ Fibre, every student should have cereal in their lockers. You never know when you need to munch on something when the midnight hunger kicks in. They also make for good breakfast options and study session food.

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Bread is such a wholesome meal. It’s amazing how they come in different shapes, sizes and variants. They also have a wide range of spreads- from butter to chocolate spread to jam and corned beef.


When you need to keep your mouth busy or help you stay awake while studying, you can always reach out for some biscuits. Luckily, there are several brands to choose from.


Packaged popcorn helps to make movie nights and TV show binges feel like the cinema experience you’ve been missing out on.


There’s something about having shawarma at 8 PM after a long day of lectures. It’s super filling and tasty (depending on how well they’re made) plus you can choose between beef and chicken. (If you eat any other variant, you’re on your own)

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This had to make the list. Rice is an unofficial Nigerian citizen at this point because it’s probably the only meal that EVERYONE likes. Its versatility also gives it some credibility.


Finally, garri. It would be criminal to exclude this food staple. From garri & groundnuts to garri & suya and more, students love this meal and always go back to it, especially when things get rough.

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