5 money questions to ask your partner


Going into a relationship comes with a lot of perks. The companionship is matchless and having someone to genuinely share emotions with can be helpful. But, have you ever thought of asking your partner money questions to know their perceptions of finance, investments, etc.? If no, you should consider asking the questions below:

1. What does money mean to you?: Ask your partner his/her perception about money; you can dig into your partner’s approach to money from childhood.

2. Where do you want to be in the next 10 years in terms of family, lifestyle, and finances?: Pretty straightforward, your partner needs to give you details about his/her visions, goals and ambitions narrowing it to family, career, finances, and lifestyle.


3. What do you most enjoy spending money on?: Your partner may enjoy hanging out for drinks with friends or increasing the number of stilettos on their shoe rack, but it’s also good that they be keen on saving, too.

4. Do you prefer receiving material gifts to other types of gifts?: Stylishly throw a question like “Which would you prefer – a pair of ‘Yeezy’ boots? Or a photo album book of all the fun memories we had?” The response might not be direct, but try to notice the body language and other cues that give you an answer. 

5. What do you feel about having investments, joint accounts etc?: Having an investment plan is important, but knowing how your partner feels about it is more important. This also extends to their thoughts around joint accounts etc.

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Please note that there are no right or wrong answers, this is just a neutral conversation to ensure you understand your partner’s position on key financial matters.

Let us know what other types of financial questions you’d like to ask your partner in the comment section below.

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