10 interesting facts you never knew about Dwayne Johnson

We have to admit that Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” has been loved by the big screens since his days of wrestling. And over the years, much bigger accomplishments have been added to his credit.

Here are some interesting facts about Dwayne Johnson you probably didn’t know;

  • He had dreams of joining the CIA or FBI, hence why he studied Criminology and Psychology.
  • Although he had several nicknames like Rocky Maivia and The Blue Chipper, he decided to call himself in the third person, The Rock.
  • The Rock is ten-time World Champion, an eight-time WWF/WWE and a two-time WCW World Champion.
  • Since 2012, all the movies he starred in are from his own production company Seven Bucks Productions.
  • The huge Samoan-inspired tattoo that covers his left arm and part of his chest took 60 hours to complete.

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